Mug's Favorites

Served with two sides

Sides - French fries, rice, refried beans, hash browns,

home potatoes, black beans, toast & tortillas.        

Extra charges- Fresh fruit/Veggies/Sweet potato fries

Breakfast Sandwich 

Grilled diced ham, melted cheese, house aioli and scrambled eggs

Breakfast Burrito

Bacon, avocado, cheese, potatoes, grilled onions and scrambled eggs


Eggs Benedict

Two poached eggs, grilled canadian bacon, english muffin 

finished with hollandaise sauce

Pastrami Benedict 

Premier beef pastrami, grilled organic asparagus,

hollandaise sauce and avocado

Biscuits & Gravy

House made biscuit cover with our house gravy

 served with two eggs any style

Smoked Salmon Benedict

 Grilled round tomatoes, organic arugula, avocado & hollandaise sauce 

Veggie Benedict

Organic spinach , grilled round tomatoes, poached eggs,

sliced avocado & hollandaise sauce

Steak & Eggs

10 oz top sirloin served with two eggs any style

Fab's Spicy Melt

Three scrambled eggs with ham, cheese, grilled onions

and chipotle sauce served on toasted sourdough bread

Country Breakfast

Two pork patties served with our home made biscuits & gravy

The Mug Chilakiles

Corn tortilla chips cooked in green sauce, topped with ham,

grilled onions, cheese, sour cream and two eggs any style.

Choice of grilled steak or chicken 

Chicken Machaca

Three scrambled eggs served with grilled chicken, grilled bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and salsa verde on side